Ayurvedic ARTHRITIS and Joint Pain Medicine

Suffering from joint pains or ARTHRITIS?

Here is the natural solution for your pain. A painless and relief giving medicine made with pure natural herbs and its based on ancient Ayurveda

How it works

  • This is a natural ayurvedic medicine made in a powder form. Which helps in all types of JOINT PAINS & for ARTHRITIS.
  • People suffering from past several years either from JOINT PAINS or from ARTHRITIS, they can try this once for good results. There are no side effects of this medicine & you have to take this medicine for minimum 4 months (once in a day).
  • How to use: – Morning after 1 hour of breakfast you have to just take little warm water or cow milk & 1 spoon of medicine, first you have to take powder medicine after that you drink little warm water or cow milk.
  • Note: – Please do not eat anything for one hour after you take this medicine.
  • Strictly avoid TAMARIND (Imli), SOUR (Khatta) and also if you avoid junk food it will give you more better results.

Ayurvedic Fat Balance Medicine, Ayurvedic Fat Burn Medicine

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This is just for your information that this medicine is not certified yet by any doctor, institution or company. This are made in home based on our elders live experiences which they have seen and faced in their life. So, if you have any questions or query you can contact us take clarification and then only start the course. Only thing we can assure you is this is tried tested on our own family members then only we are suggesting to others. And this do not have any side effects till you follow the given diet plan. And if you want to take this course you have to strictly follow the given diet. If you do not follow the diet medicine may not give proper results. As most of the people know Ayurvedic medicines comes with certain diet controls and few things you must stop eating while you take the medicine course.

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