Jet Airways to validate refunds in 45 days, no clarity on actual refund time

Jet Airways has issued a statement to travel agents that it will review refund requests in 45 days once it gets refund applications.

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Customers of ailing Jet Airways have a reason to breathe easy, even as the wait for a refund of their ticket money continues, with the airline promising to validate the refund claims in 45 days. However, Jet Airways has not given any specific timeline within which it will disburse the refunds.

Jet Airways has communicated to travel agents that they can submit refund application through the IATA portal. It further said that the timeline for the refund will be active from 23 April 2019 to 20 May 2019. Jet Airways will confirm the refund within 45 days of application, post which IATA (International Air Transport Association) will initiate the refund, it said.

However, refunds are subject to deposits that IATA holds. “IATA will raise demand from Jet should there be any shortfall in the refund claim and the deposit held by IATA,” Jet Airways said in the circular.

The airline will also review card sales, the format for the refund application of which will soon be circulated to the travel agents, it added. The agencies will be required to submit the applications on a weekly basis following which, card companies will clear off the requests once a week.

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MakeMyTrip confirmed the same. “The company will be cascading the information to all our customers who had booked Jet flight tickets and are seeking refunds. We have been proactively communicating with our customers to keep them informed about their refunds,” a MakeMyTrip spokesperson told Financial Express Online.

Jet Airways was a member of IATA but it was stripped of its membership post the temporary shutdown of the airline, IATA had announced in a circular. Jet Airways had announced a temporary suspension of all its operations after months of struggling to stay afloat.

Previously, Jet had announced that its team was working to ensure refunds for passengers or alternatively, bookings will be made on other flights.

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