7 Smart Travel Accessories

When you’re about to go traveling, the first thing you might think of is cute outfits or an itinerary. But there are some essential accessories that you need not only for smooth, hiccup-free travels, but to contribute towards your safety and well being. Plus, they’re pretty cool.

1. Pepper spray might not be the most legal, but staying safe when you’re travelling alone is paramount. This upgrade from a harassment whistle is super loud and will help you get assistance in an urgent situation. Plus, it’s super cute.


2. Unexpected rain when travelling is always a hassle. Carrying an umbrella around all the time when you’re in Central or South America is both pointless and annoying. And walking around in a touristy rain jacket won’t do much good either. Instead, invest in this scarf which is water resistant and has secret compartments sot keep your valuables dry.


3. Don’t you always feel like you never pack enough clothes? Well, this time, you can save a ton of space and pack twice the clothes with these vacuum space saver compression bags, no pump needed. Never hear your significant other complain about how you over pack again!


4. This is a hands free video camera to record your memories, and it’s hand free. It will protect you eyes from the sun, be a cute accessory, and record snaps of your day, syncing them to your Snapchat Memories.

5. This pocket sized wash bag is basically a portable washing machine. If you are going backpacking or on a more rustic trip, you can do your laundry in less than three minutes literally anywhere, with just 2-4 liters of water and some detergent. Goodbye, stinky clothes.


6. Doesn’t the cheap white wine on the plane to your destination always give you a headache? Instead, making your own five star cocktail for free with a portable cocktail kit. Choose between a gin& tonic, Moscow Mule or Old Fashioned, complete with a muddler, linen coaster, recipe card and all needed ingredients.


7. If you’re travelling somewhere where the water quality might be less than optimal and you don’t want to be spending all of your cash on water bottles. This water purifier bottle from REI actually works. It might be a little pricey, but saves loads of money, along with the environment.

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