Woman from Punjab refuses to leave Ujjain till she meets barrel-chested IPS officer Sachin Atulkar


The 27-year-old woman from Punjab reached Madhya Pradesh three days ago to meet 34-year-old SP of Ujjain. Atulkar, an IPS officer is a fitness enthusiast and unmarried.

We have all heard about movie stars and cricketers being stalked by fans. But now, it is a police officer in Madhya Pradesh who is at the receiving end of some unwanted attention. A 27-year-old woman from Punjab has set her heart on meeting an IPS officer from Ujjain, leaving the MP police in an awkward position.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, hails from Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. She had reached Ujjain three days ago to meet 34-year-old Sachin Atulkar, an IPS officer who is currently posted as the Superintendent of Police (SP) in the city, reports Press Trust of India.

“She was trying to meet the SP at his office and at programmes which he attended. She is very adamant. Police finally took her to the department’s One-Stop Reform Home,” Women police station in-charge Rekha Verma was quoted as saying by PTI.

The cops had called the 27-year-old’s parents to come to Ujjain and persuade her to return home. However, the young woman refuses to leave.

The woman said she was fascinated by the ripped body and the looks of the SP after seeing his pictures on social media. We have called her parents here, but she is not ready to return with them,” Verma added.

The police have tried counseling her but she is keen on meeting Atulkar. She had also told them that she would return home only after meeting him. She is reportedly a post-graduate student of psychology.

“Police took her to Nagda railway station to put her on a Punjab-bound train, but she threatened to jump off the train. We are trying to persuade her through counselors. We are fulfilling her food demands, pizza and other things she asks for,” Verma told the news agency.

When Atulkar was made aware of this, he said that he was willing to meet people if it was regarding an official duty, however, he said that he could not be forced to meet someone against his wishes.

“When I was SP in Sagar district, I was requested by the parents of a seven-year-old boy who said he would eat only if he got my autograph. I obliged,” he said.

Atulkar, a fitness enthusiast, is unmarried and enjoys a fan-following on social media. The policeman spends more than an hour at the gym every day to stay fit and healthy


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