Alternative Therapy Treatment by Raajendra S Shah

“HEALTH IS WEALTH” – By Raajendra S Shah

Some time back seeing one movie impressed me deeply and brought certain useful conclusions which in a nut shell can narrate like this Opportunity and 10% change. The same concept has been adopted in my treatment. Eg. Consider alternative therapy for treatment of CHD is an opportunity & as you know treatment is risk free, affordable, without side effect & without operations just grab it is change.

To understand better I would like to give one more example, which is also related to your heart. Consider Human being (Men/Women) as an opportunity & change means change in life style by 10% this includes regular diet exercise, yogasan, positive thinking, positive attitude to words Sex etc. is besides equivalent to 80% effort put by patient during & after treatment. This Reduces heart problem & as a result heart is improved.

Apply this opportunity and change by 10% theory in your Business, Profession, Job Social affair, at home & everywhere & you will achieve your goal.

We have seen many successful people, but their health is very poor, & unable to enjoy the fruits of their achievement.

My friends if you want to achieve your goal and want to become a successful man/woman in life and want to enjoy the fruits of your achievement. Health is the base. That’s why we call it “Health is Wealth”. In true words Alternative Therapy is noble harmless, faster, better, risk free, free from side effect & economic too. Each & every therapies main goal is to give maximum relief in CHD but all have limitations. It is up-to you to decide which therapy to adapt.

Raajendra S. Shah and Agarwal Community Disucssion.

Few days back on 24th March 2018, Mr. Raajendra Shah (Sr. Therapist) from Mumbai approached me for his advertisement in Agarwal Community website. We had fruitful discussion regarding his many disease treatment, later I asked him, Sir our Community spread all over India, if somebody from outside Mumbai wants your treatment will you be able to give treatment outside Mumbai?

On this Mr. Raajendra Shah has assured me Sure if they provide me 4 to 5 patients along with Travelling Allowance, lodging and boarding for 15 to 20 days, because my treatment duration is of 15 days.

Vishal Agarwal
(Founder Member: Agarwal Community)

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