The Power Of Worship

We all have different faiths but the essence of our prayers is one. The Bible says in Psalm 22:3 that He actually lives and dwells in our praises. This proves that when we worship we really feel that God is so close to us, within us. We all experience serenity and calmness when we go to a Gurudwara, Masjid, Temple, Church or any other spiritual place. All these places encourage us to be one with self, to meditate and to feel one with the ultimate power that has created us, God.

People find relaxation in worship, when their life is filled with obstacles they bow down to God to give them strength to handle all this, they worship even when something good happens with them. So basically our birth our death and all the events that happen between these two have a link to God. Many researches show that people who worship regularly lead more happier and stress free lives.

Many people have experienced incidents when they have asked for something very deeply they have got it, they feel that their voices can travel to the universe and reach the ultimate power which aligns the universe in such a manner that their wish is fulfilled.
This also makes me some concepts like the LAW OF ATTRACTION and the concept of manifestation( which i will write about later on) and of course the famous dialogue from the movie OM SHANTI OM, if you remember!

So, to conclude I can say worship can give us whatever we seek, may it be the happiness and joy of celebrations and getting together, may it be asking for a support, may it be just purely peace.

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