In Varanasi, There’s No Scope For Rebirth

The faithful believe that if you die in Varanasi, liberation is guaranteed. In this sense, Varanasi does not refer to a city or place; it refers to a ‘bindu’, a particular point. In the spiritual sphere, when you reach that bindu, you no longer take rebirth – the cycle of birth and death stops and the aspirant no longer has to return to this world.

When we say that in Varanasi there is no rebirth, it refers to a point situated between the Ajna chakra (between the eyebrows) and Sahasrara chakra (in the crown of the head), between the pituitary and pineal glands. Spiritual aspirants, through sadhana and with Divine help, become established in that point, attaining great mental power and omniscience. Such people do not have to take another birth in this world. That is why it is said that if you die in Varanasai — also known as Kashi — you will never be reborn. Kashi does not refer to a city, but to that spiritual point.

“Trailokye yani bhutani tani sarvani dehatah”. ‘Whatever exists in this world also exists within your body’. You are a microcosmic expression of the universe. That is why it has been said, “Know thyself. Acquire Atma jnana, Self-knowledge”.

Go deep within to the centrepoint of your existence. First, go to your centre plexus and then to your Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine. Your Muladhara chakra is an ideational entity orbiting like a satellite around the Supreme Muladhara. If you make the effort to know your inner Self, if your desire for Self-knowledge is strong, all secrets will be revealed to you. There are four dimensions of yoga psychology: Muladhar chakra to Manipur chakra, Manipur chakra to Vishudha chakra, Vishudha chakra to Ajna chakra and above, to Sahasrara chakra. These dimensions correspond to the four phases of meditation. The position of Ajna chakra is psycho-spiritual and Sahasrara chakra is pure spiritual.  Hence, sadhana is a bio-psychological process. When we do spiritual practice, then only we know the location of chakras.
That point, that Varanasi, situated between Ajṋa and Sahasrara chakras, is bright and luminous. It is Kashi, the “very luminous entity”.

Some people say that the town Varanasi is so-called because it is situated between the rivers Baruna and Ashi, but if that were so, the name would have been Varunasi and not Varanasi. The correct derivation is var + anas = varanas which becomes varanasi in the feminine gender. “Var” means “to forbid” and “anas” means “birth”. Those who die at Varanasi are not reborn. It is not a city in India, but a bindu or point. One may learn the secrets of this point through the practice of Vishesha Yoga. During this meditation the mind ascends to such a height that there is no further need to acquire a new body.

To establish the mind on this point of Varanasi or Kashi, one has to elevate the mind. Those who have learnt the technique of Tantra sadhana or Kapalika sadhana, know what joy can be derived from this. It helps to establish the practitioner in the cult of Varanasi. Those who have not yet mastered it, will one day be established in the cult of Varanasi. Why not? Those who have acquired a human structure will surely be established in Varanasi.
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