To Teach Is To Touch a Life Forever

Blog By- Dr Jaya Kumar.

Education gives you confidence. It makes you aware and alert about various happenings which are taking place around the world.

Education keeps a person updated else one shall become outdated very fast.

Education provides us the required information for keeping pace with the world.

Being a part of a civilised society, education helps in further development of the human civilisation.

It enhances our mental growth. It gives a liberal approach to our thinking and flexibility to our thoughts.

Education is not just literacy but is our growth and development.

Education is also value based and is not just confined to marks and degrees one gets from institutions.

Education is how we lead and live life and if we pass the life examination we shall then be considered educated.

Believing and following our culture, traditions and values is education.

Following all our constitutional duties is education. Being a good human and believing in humanity is education.


Self Written Poem On Teacher’s Day….

To my respected teacher,

Who made my life bright,

You gave me the direction,

Which was absolutely right.
You enlightened me about life,

That it shall be tough,

But asked me to lead it with a smile,

Even when it gets rough,

You rightly told me money is not as important,

Just focus on growth, and our goal shall not be distant.

You can be a teacher in any field you desire,

But do it with passion, and a lot of fire.

Prove your education with knowledge and

Most of the issues in this world are such,

Only good teachers can heal…

Wishes to all teachers on this Teacher’s Day..our True Educators…

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