Woman is a name for Strength. Woman is love. She is an epitome of beauty. She is loving care and affection.

She is a woman of thoughts and actions who binds everything together.

A woman acts as a financial adviser as well as a home-maker. She confidently steps in the outside world and makes her mark and makes her presence felt.

At the home front she is the home minister. She nurtures the future generations.

It is with her efforts that a House becomes a Home. She is the ‘heart’ of her home.

She acts like a guiding force for all the members.

She herself may be sad at times but would keep everyone around her happy. She herself could be in pain but would be ready to give pleasure to her loved ones.

In all circumstances, she would be ready to fullfill all her responsibilities since she sincerely feels happy doing them.

A Woman makes, nurtures, imparts and inculcates various values to everyone around her especially the children.

So let us, thank all the women in our lives who have made the difference in our lives.


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