Should teachers visit the students or students seek knowledge from teachers? A million dollar question this is. Things have changed since with time. Now a day, no one is proud to be a teacher, with due respect to all the teachers. But some have taken this profession as like a job for monthly salary.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan smiled and said to his admirers, those who wanted to celebrate his birthday, “Instead of celebrating my birthday it will be my proud privilege if 5th. September is observed as Teachers Day.” Being a teacher, he knew the value of a teacher, and teacher student relation. And, since then the 5th.Sptember is being observed as Teachers Day, every year.

No doubt each one has to be a student first and then become a teacher. According to our Mythological school of thoughts, people celebrate according to the religious calendar, only during the period or on the day of Guru purnima, to show, love and respect to one’s respected loving teacher or Guru.

Accordingly the spiritual mind, people had taken this granted that he who takes us from the darkness to light is our Guru. Since then, one Guru was all in one.

The teacher is, as like a storehouse of knowledge.
He too guides us through his knowledge and takes us from darkness to light. In modern times teachers only teach us and help us to improve our knowledge but not spirituality. In general, there is no difference between Guru and teacher.

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