Time and tide wait for none. Time which is the most precious part of our life is not to be wasted for even a single second. It has to be constantly utilised to the fullest.

As a human being we are so fortunate that we have a source that is of constant inspiration to us. That source is Time.

While time acts as an inspiration, it is also very simple to understand. According to my understanding, everyone gets time to improve. To improve ourselves, our not-so-good relations, our understandings, our approach and perspectives towards different things in life. Above all, time gives us a chance to prove our worth and the purpose of living.

But, we have to make one promise to ourselves and the time that we have with us, and that is, to be sincere, honest and true in whatever we do.

With full dedication and commitment, we have to fulfil our responsibilities of life within a given frame of time.

Time may bless us and give us opportunities to change this world for good. It may also give us a chance to lead a life which is purposeful, fruitful and useful.


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