Blog By- Dr Jaya Kumar…

Life has many surprises for us in store. Many a times, we are forced to think about the different happenings around us.

At every step a big surprise awaits us. The biggest surprise to my eyes is the behavioural change in attitude of people.

People always want to change you according to their wishes and fancies, but surely neither they want to change themselves nor want to improvise as human beings.

No one is ready to accept the truth. People keep trying to prove you guilty despite knowing your innocence.

With your success becoming a reality, people around you are sometimes not ready to accept it. But for themselves, they always want you to appreciate even their small victories.

They keep enjoying even when you are not so happy as if nothing note-worthy had happened.

This comes as a big surprise for me.

Ironically and contrary to a usual behaviour, sometimes when you want people around you to share your joys and successes, you do not see anyone standing.

Then if you question them the reason for their absence a bigger surprise follows.

That surprise is a Big Dead-Silence.
Such silence spmetimes even exhibited by people whom you call your own family and loved ones.People outside your close circle may many a times become more supportive and understanding. On the other hand insiders too could hurt your inner soul and choose to remain silent.

Only a big surprise and a deep dead silence follows..

Thank you for reading….

The words and views expressed in my blogs are personal and are my original work of thoughts.

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