We all know about the gravitational pull through the study of science and as per Sir Issac Newton an object thrown upwards comes down only due to gravitational pull. This thing I have experienced while studying Rajyoga. Rajyoga is study of soul and the supreme soul. Soul cannot be seen with naked eye and soul is weightless and powerful yet it experience pain and sorrow and remains disturbed. The karmic account or the karma we do is the result of the thought generated in mind. Due to our too much of involvement in this materialistic world the feather weight soul does experience heavy burden of the body because we all have become body conscious with the passage of time of 2500 years. The karmic account makes the soul heavy and gets more attached with the body and thus experience heaviness due to which it cannot fly. The soul being weightless becomes heavy due to the soul but cannot feel its power of weightless. Unless we study Rajyoga, we cannot experience the lightness. Unless we study Rajyoga, we cannot experience virtual peace. Unless we study Rajyoga we cannot understand our own powers. Unless we study Rajyoga we cannot understand our relationship with God.
Unless we study Rajyoga we cannot open our third eye.Therefore, to feel light or to feel good and to feel peaceful we must practise Rajyoga. Rajyoga is one such study which cannot be taught by a human being. Neither human being can teach Rajyoga to other human beings. It is every body’s individual effort to learn Rajyoga. However, every human being can guide other human beings to learn Rajyoga meditation. It is only God who teaches Rajyoga but for this one needs to visit to their nearest Brahma Kumaris center. Rajyoga is being taught by God for the past eighty years. Yet the human being is unable to know or understand Rajyoga.

Human beings in kaliyuga have become body conscious. Raavan (a collective name given to vices) does not let us become soul conscious. Rajyoga teaches us to become soul conscious. The body consciousness is between the soul and the body. The love between the body and the soul is so deeply connected or attached that it becomes difficult for the soul to part with the body. At the end of the worldly drama most of the souls are experiencing pain and sorrow only due to the attachment with both for a very long time i.e. 2500 years which include the period between Dwapar yug and Kaliyug.

Those who are religious fanatic or egoistic does not let us practise Rajyoga. Rajyoga is not taught by human beings but by God. But because God is invisible and is in the light form is not understood by many. Hence they are unable to gain the love or affection of God. Only those souls who have been away from God for many years i.e.5000 years and have taken minimum 42 births and maximum 84 births can understand God. Hence our aim is to inform the world about God. It is not mandatory for the human beings to follow or study Rajyoga. But at least they all must know or must have information about the Rajyoga. The foremost duty of all those students who study Rajyoga is to inform this world that God is teaching Rajyoga. This is to be known to the world/ Hence all the effort is to inform that every human soul must know about Rajyoga, whether they study or don’t study is a different matter.

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