Copper & Brass for a better health!

There is a power that exists in the universe that we can feel. Some people believe in worshipping the idol whereas some experience it without any physical form of it.

We Indian’s are spiritual in nature & we do believe in the existence of God, worship of God can be done by many ways some of them are Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga & Dnyana Yoga as well. People from all over the world are studying our culture & traditions & are trying to get peace & joy.

Drinking water from copper vessels is considered as a healthy habit as it absorbs the properties of that metal making it unadulterated, this is leaching of copper into water , this is mentioned in ‘’Rasaratna Sammuchyaya’’ one of the Grantha’s in ayvurveda. Keeping water in copper vessel for 3 hours will removes all types of bacteria from the water.

There are certain practices that are carried out since ancient times but they have been elapsed with time. A good example of this is the usage of copper. There has been a custom of using copper & brass utensils’ for various purposes like cooking, storage of water & grocery & pooja articles as well.

Utilization of these metals leads to increasing the spirituality, piousness & emits the emotion of happiness.
Brass comprises of 70% of copper & 30 % of Zinc; Zinc is a mineral that helps in building the immunity.A visit to the doctor after the illness is a waste of money & energy, thus it is recommended to use copper & brass utensils to drink water for a better health & immunity.

Cleaning & maintaining these utensils was a tedious task initially but with the invention of Pitambari Shining Powder, cleaning & gaining the same luster of these utensils has become hassle free.

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