Whatever the condition must have been then, the period of Mahavarata time! Wherein all the five husbands lost everything to a gambler and finally, they even lost their queen, the Draupodi. Probably, they were not in their true consciousness. Were the husbands brave?

Draupadi, questioned the messenger, just to find out who lost first. Her husbands had lost first, or the queen next, she wanted to know? In that case she refused to come along. She was very well right to protest and oppose the decision. That is the true spirit of a woman need be.

Her protest and the question were genuine; there were none to reply the truth behind. Bad karma had its negative way. She was pulled by her hair. Modesty of a woman was at stake. There were none to protest reason behind the loyalty towards the throne.

The power of protest would only come from knowledge and mental strength. Anyone, woman, if desire with determination, what not one can and could do. Draupadi was a burning example, a woman of India. Mind to protest and the power of protest which is women need to achieve through understanding of the situation and experiences of life.

That is the power of an Indian woman- Durga ShaktI.
If the women think to do something, they could do and achieve anything in this world. A confident protest delivers results.

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