First and foremost is one needs to be proud of his nation and its system, been followed to maintains law and order of nation. Nation is great and greater than any thing. Faith in democracy and its power, unity and sovereignty make us proud. Does every one feel so, otherwise why beg for solution from some one else?



Nation’s supreme is our respected Constitution, Constitution of India. Do we have love and respect for this holy book? To make the nation to a RAMRAJYA, our Constitution is like Gita. For each and every thing respecting Constitution of India is honorable. How much we follow, obey and depend on this?



As usual, we should have faith and trust in god. Not just faith and trust, one should have absolute faith in god. For success one has to have faith in national system and Self. Loosing faith is not counted as good sign. It only shows that one is afraid to face the truth. What is that truth, one is afraid of?



Finally, in addition to, faith in a system and God, one has to have faith in self capability and confidence. Once self confidence is lost, one starts loosing every thing slowly.
With faith and trust, one must have to have dependency on a particular system of a nation, god and self. How much we are dependent on? 


Absolute faith and determination solves any problems. One has to be devotional, patriot and self confident. Are we?



Loosing faith in God, a System and Self would not solve any problem of a nation. I wish god give us knowledge to solve our own problems.

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