Monotonous to Being Traveller: A Beginning of the Journey

Humanity or Innocence


Humanity or Innocence

On Kheerganga trek.. This is the first time I met her.. But her expressions would deny that fact.. She has completely overwhelmed me with her chirpy innocence.. So pure and warm.. these people really give you the feeling that world and humanity is here to stay for longer than we assume..

Nature, You beauty


Nature, You beauty

As much far as we can get with our imagination, Nature remains the sole source for our proddings.. It’s shapes are all we imagine and contort in our matter..

End or the new beginning?


End or the new beginning?

Thank the Almighty for all the light and happiness in and around us.. Sun only sets for few to rise again for others.. Along the way blessing us with alll the good memories and moments to savour..

Woods of the Wild


Woods of the Wild

Nothing is more soothing and rejuvenating than campfire in the middle of the nature. To thank the Almighty all you can do is sing an ode to Himalayas ..

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