Once invited, to deny is a shame. As like, in earlier western culture, once one challenged for a duet, denial was digress thus, one had to agree. The result was known, one of the two, one has to die, a must – an unfortunate fate.

Pandavas was trapped and forced to indulge in the game of tricky dicks, a negative lifestyle. From the beginning, Pandavas started losing the game, as thought and planned. They were losing each and everything of theirs. In those days, it was counted as ‘shame’ to withdraw from the game, and which led to the road to a humiliation.

Finally, the Pandavas had nothing to offer. They had to accept to be slaves of the Kurus. Royal Pride made them blind with true consciousness. They offered their loving wife Draupodi-the queen and lost too. Slaves were not allowed to offer anything in lieu.

Draupodi was an intelligent woman. She refused to come to the royal hall, where her husbands were battling for their prestige. She never hesitated to call her husbands as gambler.

Those events narrated in Mythology are indicative to ‘two’ aspect of life. Exemplary results out of royal lifestyle, and its results to be known to all.
For our present population, such example should be an eye opener, not to follow, but to learn from the results out of the gambling and the gamblers. To understand is individual.

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