Dance In The Rain And see the magic unfold

It was raining and the plants had an unusual lustre of joy enjoying the energising rain. There was a mystical connection between the rain and the plants and their meeting gave greenery and joy to everyone…. Nature is nothing but God in motion.With this magic of nature and the mystical rain happening, there was a young girl, beautiful looking but something was missing in the beauty. She was young, but something in her youth was missing. She had good-looking eyes, but something in her eyes was missing…. With this state she came to a monk and asked, “My father is dead, I am the only working woman in the family and I also have a younger sister to look after. I find that life is a burden. My job is to mix around with people, but deep within I feel disconnected even though I am with people. I always think of negative things. I find my life is dragging and I want to float…how do I do that?” The monk went out and started dancing in the rain. He went and hugged the trees. The girl was amazed with the joy of the monk. She realised that the rain had so much to offer, the trees had so much to offer. The monk pointed to the lotus and kissed it.Then she realised that the lotus grows in muddy water but still it is able to give out so much of beauty.

She thought,‘Why can’t I be like a lotus?’The monk, without teaching, had taught her so much, for his presence was a present to her…the magic of life. “You are your enemy and you are your friend,” says the Bhagwad Gita. A mind that encourages you to go forward wisely is a true friend.A mind that discourages you is truly an enemy. Constantly be alert to who is guiding your life. Don’t forget that if someone pats you on the back, your chin will go up and your chest becomes broader. So go on patting yourself and others. No one can live your life except you.You should know how to profit from failure and rejoice in success. The true business is the business of living, where you make profit from living. Understand that you were not put here to fail. Being alive…by itself is a great success. First, start believing that this body is a great miracle.

Encourage yourself to open up higher energies in your body…by right diet, right exercise. Encourage yourself to smile and let your body give out positive energies. Drop the myth that it is wrong to be rich…. Feel it is God’s paradise to be rich.Understand that money is an instrument of service and so there is nothing wrong in being rich. Encourage your mind to be calm and open.Whenever you are restless and worried, encourage it to be calm and happy. Think of a happy and calm incident and let that energy fill your being; you will find your mind changing…. Picture yourself in the company of the wise and the rich. It is said, if you want to be rich, be with rich people. If you want to be wise, be with wise people.When you picture yourself like this then you will create such energies in you and you will attract such people.This is called the law of attraction.

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