Mumbai father loses son in tragic accident, pledges to cover every pothole with bare hands!


It is in human nature to destroy the reason of our deepest grief, so it was for Dadarao Bilhore, who is often spotted on Mumbai roads filling the potholes with his bare hands.

Potholes have become one of the most common causes of road accidents, sometimes death in India. And, one such tragic death was of 16-year-old boy Prakash.

Dadarao’s son Prakash was riding pillion on bike with his cousin Ram, last year in July while returning from Bhandup, after completing his college admission procedure.

As the duo reached Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, they hit a pothole, which sent their bike crashing. While Ram sustained severe injuries, Prakash was thrown in air and he landed on his face, causing damage that resulted into his death.

His son’s death jolted Dadarao so much that he rushes to fill any pothole which he sees on road with his bare hands.

He says, “My son would not have wanted this to happen to anyone else. He was a very good boy, smart, intelligent and full of life. I will continue my fight to ensure that the people whose negligence led to his death are punished. But I don’t want others to suffer like I did. I want to make our streets safer.”

Ever since his son’s death, the 46-year-old is on a mission to cure the problem, which should have been addressed by the authorities.
Watch him speak here…


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