Life is nothing but an involvement of time. Time waits for none. Utilization or involving time with day to day life’s activity goes on with the growth of the individual. One is always busy with either thoughts or activities which are must for individual survival.

It is automated and one is habituated with a certain type of lifestyle. This pattern of life style, without individual knowledge goes on with individuality and set of lifestyle.

One does try to improve the quality of life. It is difficult, but one could act with a good result. Just try to change the monotonous life’s habits and changing day to day work- routine.

Why not just break away from the daily routine. Changing the daily routine would give space for thoughts and time. Something different for a change, Take a timely breaks and adjusts.

The best plan is a visit to different places. Why not go for pilgrimage, and visiting historical places too, along with family and friends. The mind would automatically start thinking differently. Quality of life – would change individual thought pattern, due new place and new atmosphere.

Individual, family and friends, need to ‘just’ come out from the older version of life – a moment of time.
It is definite, when back home; the mind would be occupied by memory of the pilgrimage or otherwise. One might be having a different idea to improve the quality of life. Why not give a chance to improve individual knowledge or change in thought pattern.* * * *

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