Beleive in yourself and be Unstoppable

Believe in yourself and be Unstoppable


Swami Vivekananda once said,” You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself”. Unless you have faith in your own abilities, and do not take chances, you cannot achieve success. Do not let your fear and insecurity stop you from trying new things. You have to feel confident and conquer fear by digging deep within yourself.

One thing you are to remember that by grace of God you can do tremendous things. It makes no difference, how little money or status you have to begin with. This is not important. The important is what you do with what little you have. Take inspiration from our Prime Minister Modi and many other leaders who belong to very poor families and now have become important international personalities.

It also makes no difference how unfavorable your situation, how many adversities you encounter, you can do tremendous things with yourself.Sudhachandren is an Indian film and televion actress.
She lost one leg in a road accident, but she continued dancing and subsequently went on to become an established Bhartnatyam dancer.Mexican woman named Elena Zelayta is an author of several best selling cook books. She learned to cook when she was a young girl. Later she lost her eye sight. But in spite of becoming blind, she didn’t quit cooking. She became a leading authority in the field of cooking, taught the blind, and gave cookery lessons to the women.

One eleven year’s Chinese girl Ziyi, lost both the legs in an accident in October 2010. She read a message from Jesus Christ, no matter how many difficulties you must face; you can develop a wonderful life. It inspired her and she determined to live a full life. She learned dancing. In 2013 she joined a children contest and won .A film has been made about Ziyi titled “Dream of Heaven”. It was recently premiered at the Shanghai International Film Institute.

In life people will hate you, shake you and break you, but how strong you stand is what makes you.

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