Parenthood is a two-way street and this video perfectly explains how

When it comes to bringing up a child, no matter how involved the father is, it is more or less left to the mother to be the hands-on parents while the father’s role will be restricted to carrying the baby around when the mother is tired or playing with the baby. When it comes to jobs such as cleaning, feeding and putting the baby to sleep, a mother is expected to do all the jobs with little or no help from the father. When it takes two to conceive a child, why can’t it take two to bring up a child?

Amidst all this, this video comes like a breadth of fresh air, where a new father takes on the responsibility of cleaning, feeding and caring for the baby while the exhausted mother catches up on some sleep. So all the men out there, take note. Parenthood is as much as your job as it is of your wife and it is high time we realized this!

Watch the video here..

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