Power of the subconscious

Aham Brahmasmi means that the God within us. The Observer, the Consciousness, is Brahma, the Creator. It is through our own thoughts, the ultimate creator, that our everyday reality is created. According to one theory of creation, everything is created from the void. To manifest the powers of creation, we have to move from the same void every day.
For long, we’ve been made to believe that very few move to the void, and death is a necessary principle. However, it only requires a daring leap to know that one is God and behave accordingly. And it comes with practice. If we move to the void every day, we take in cosmic energy which causes the kundalini energy to rise, activating the upper four chakras, which are each associated with a gland. They secrete hormones which give us complete immunity.
Besides perfect immunity, there is a greater gain to be had from moving to the void every day. We use only 10% of our brain, the intellectual brain. The balance 90% at the back, the subconscious, lies unused. So, when we start tapping into this subconscious brain, we’re accessing immense energy.
The rising kundalini ionises the spinal fluid. This creates a powerful thrust, which opens the reticular formation at the base of the subconscious brain, which then becomes available to us. Unlike the intellectual brain, the subconscious brain operates in infinite dimensions creating new harmonies.
DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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