Falling ill is a natural state on earth and when we get diseased we seek doctors so when I felt acute anxiety for seeking a career [ mostly I chose the way of mahajans [ lot of people and not great people ] I too saw a doctor who with huge grin prescribed tranquillisers and said with great assurance that this is all normal and he also took pills during examinations in medical college so I swallowed those tiny one which gave relief initially but after few days lost the effect and I was same pathetic self but then miraculously I got healed and found solace in nature and books . One book I read which gave clue how people were treated in ancient times gave a feel of mystic wholeness and the way it was healed is the patient use to travel along with a family member to the temple of healing where he /she made to sleep in a sanctum sanctorum and in the morning he narrated the dreams to a priest who along with a healer decided the healing mode with various therapy .
Why dreams were included was like our own chitta knows where we are not aligned and got diseased so prayers and medicines both were included and higher answers were sought which deepened life , character as well as disease and healing were given due respect and time and not the instant pills were answers .Yes I know I am not feeling well

going inside I will search for answers

and find the people who help me in my journey of healing

my dreams are pointer

may answers come from a source

from where I come and will return

let my breath guide me


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