God Is In Everything

In California, many years ago, I met a man who was holding forth, somewhat drunkenly and with massive self-importance, on his version of how the universe ought to be run.

I forget how it came about, but I happened to mention that I thought that I had met perhaps six people in my life who knew God. (Actually, later reflection increased that number, but that’s beside the point.)

My companion held out a huge, hairy paw. “Shake,” he cried hoarsely, “Ya just met the seventh!”

Well, my meeting with this exalted soul didn’t exactly revolutionize my life. But I thought, if he had truly known God it would not have been necessary for him to say so at all.

God’s presence ever declares itself in silences.

This world is like a symphony, and God is a great conductor bringing music out of all things.

In us He is walking, thinking, talking. In the trees he trembles and dreams. In the wind He is blowing. In the sun He is shining and warming everything. In the birds He is singing. In the animals He is playing.

In all things God has assumed different roles. Through the sunlight He is saying, “I am strong! I am free!” Through man He is saying, “I am wise. I feel deeply.” Through the monkey He is saying, “How playful I am! How wonderful it is to play!” And through the birds He is singing, “Oh, what melody there is in my heart!”

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