The importance of fragrance in spirituality

Fragrances always had a connection with the human body since ancient life; however, with the changing times, the purity & the natural essence of the fragrances are losing & getting replaced with synthetic products. Thus, harming the human body & fading the sole purpose of fragrances.

Products at Pitambari offer a wide range of delightful essence sticks from the house of Agarbatti Division. The flower extracts come from the home grown nursery and gardens surrounded by approximately 5,000 trees that are spread in acres, fortified by uneven radiance of the lush green hills, nature filled ambiance, fresh air and ample of oxygen to nurture the flowers.

The exceptional range of fragrances made with natural extracts is processed with the contemporary techniques to give you the lasting effect & the purified aroma. The diversified range in Devbhakti not only augments the spiritual essence in the atmosphere but also creates the goodness of aroma therapy that encompasses a calm, fresh & soothing effect in & around.

The very natural extracts taken from the handpicked flowers that are blended in the essence sticks gives the desired outcome on the human body, mind & mood.
Pitambari offers a complete range of 18 fragrances in different SKU’s comprising of Champa, Mogra, Kewda, Lily, Lavender, Rose, Ananta , White Champa , Tuberose , Parijaat , Krishna Kamal , Floral Bouquet , Aromatic Basil, Raat Rani , Sandal & Violet . All the fragrances are available in combo packs of Nakshatra & Saptarishi series in the Pitambari shoppie.

Deepshakti Oil for lamps

There has been a significance of lighting a lamp in the Hindu culture prior at any auspicious occasion or in the evening during the prayer time. Light not only dispels darkness but also symbolizes prosperity, auspiciousness & profusion. Thus, it is believed that the appearance of God is in the form of light which we call as divine light.

Pitambari’s Deepshakti oil developed with the goodness of sesame oil for lighting lamps & Diyas comprises of lavender fragrance that gives out the calming effect & spreads the essence of spirituality & purity in the surrounding.

Deepshakti helps in the consistent burning of the wick & rules out the soot & smoke that erupts from regular oil lamps. Thus, it enables you to keep your place of devotion clean, pleasant & soothing. Deepshakti is available on the Pitambari shoppie with exciting offers & much more.

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