Caught on cam: Two drunk men trip into 2000-feet gorge in Amboli Ghat [VIDEO]

Amboli accident
Amboli accident

In a shocking incident, two young men in an inebriated state have fallen into a 2,000-feet deep gorge while attempting a daredevil stunt. The mishap happened at Kawale Saad Point in Amboli Ghat, a famous picnic spot in Maharashtra on Monday evening. The disturbing scene was recorded on camera by their friends.

Senior police officer Sunil Dhanawade told NDTV that the bodies of the youth – Imran Garadi, 26 and Pratap Rathod, 21- are yet to be recovered. Though the bodies were spotted in the valley, heavy rain and mist are causing the delay in the operation.

The two deceased were part of a seven-member group who were working at a poultry farm in Kolhapur. On Monday, Imran and Pratap had decided to stay back a little while at the spot.

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The two, who were drunk, tried pulling off some daring stunts while his friends cheered and encouraged them to continue. In the video, the two are seen swaying on their feet.

They sat on the railing for a while and then backed off many times but finally climbed over it and stood on the edge. Suddenly, one of them slipped off the rock. He held the other to save himself but ended up dragging him down. They both fall into the void.

Watch the video here:

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The other members in the group then went to the police saying that the two had gone missing. The video which surfaced on social media later was posted by one mr.perfect.

The police officials said that the person who posted the video will be questioned and added that the one shooting this video could have stopped them, according to NDTV report.

After inquiring the locals, the police got to know the details of the incident. They called in trekkers and asked them to help search these men. Hill Riders and Summit Adventures joined them in the search.

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After hours their bodies were found. The rains and the force with which the water flowed downhill made it difficult to pull out their bodies, said Mr. Dhanawade.

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