Sing my Guru’s praise…

Sing the songs of my Guru’s praise,

Pluck the strings of your heart,

O Devotee ! Your soul will be blessed,

If you sing His celestial songs…

When one praises my Guru,

Bathes in the pool of purity,

Ambrosial nectar emanates from his mouth,

And his heart attains tranquility…

O my friend and brother !

Bliss awaits your soul,

Do not hesitate to open your heart,

The divine is at your door…

Your body is a temple,

And heart a sacred shrine,

Kindle the flame of true love,

And get my Guru’s true light…

Sacred mantras and the Holy Om,

Are soaked in my Guru’s praise,

All those are indeed blessed,

In whose hearts His name stays…

– Piyush Srivastava

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