What Can We Learn From Americans?

Our world comprises of cultures, values, belief systems, and ideologies of over seven billion people. We can all learn something from each other. The United States of America is probably the only country in the world committed to the protection of freedom of its people. It is true- “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Here are things that we can all learn from America;

1- Work is Worship

Work is where we spend most of our lives. Americans worship work, and not God, for security, identity, and satisfaction because work provides things that are tangible — results we can hold onto. Work is something we can control. Paychecks, time cards, projects, emails, sales, savings accounts all provide visible evidence that we are significant and safe. So they invest their efforts and energy in work, and not with the Lord.

2- Respect does not mean Fear

Most of the people associate respect with fear and subordination. As per this belief, If you respect someone, you can not disagree with them. Truly respectable people will never demand obedience. There is a comfortable relationship between the subordinate and boss in America.

3- Say Thank You

Americans say, ” thank you” to almost everyone.
If you have invited them for dinner, they would say, ” thank you”. If they buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks, they would say,” thank you”. If they took a ride in a cab or bus, they would say,” thank you” to the driver. The attitude of gratitude towards all people is exceptionally beautiful in American culture.4- Value Time

Americans know the value of time. It is rude to be late more than ten minutes in this country. They devote their time to work and family without compromising on either.

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