Cong Launches Bank With Locker, Loan Facilities Only For Tomatoes

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In a unique form of protest against the skyrocketing prices of tomato, the Congress party on Wednesday launched the ‘State Bank of Tomato’ in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The bank will function like any other typical bank, but will deal with tomatoes instead of currency.

Not only can customers avail services such as locker facility for storing and protecting their tomatoes from probable theft, they can also deposit tomatoes under the fixed deposit scheme.

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“Unique schemes” of the State Bank of Tomato.

The bank will function from 10 am to 6 pm everyday, said a statement released by it.

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People depositing tomatoes at the bank.

Srikrishna Verma I have deposited 0.5 kg tomatoes, will get 1 kg after 6 months. I’m 103-year-old, never thought I have to see this.

People stood in long lines outside the bank to deposit tomatoes as they feared that the essential would be stolen from their houses, reported Times of India.

(With inputs from ANI.)

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