A Touching Story By- Dr.Jaya Kumar.

Today I wish to share a story which is based on my personal experiences, thoughts and observations. It is not meant to point, relate or hurt anyone. Characters of the story are purely fictional but what makes it interesting is that, it can be anyone, even you or me. I am sure it would touch your heart, somewhere. We all know that when it hurts, it sometimes really hurts and it pains. But, when you are heartbroken, the silence that follows is felt by you alone.

The story for today:

“The Precious Bangles”.

Neha, our protagonist, is always happy in other people’s happiness. She also can really feel someone else’s pain. She is never afraid to speak her mind and the truth. And above all, she has always valued her relations very dearly.

Simply put, Neha is a wonderful human being with a golden heart.

Once upon a time, she was very excited and happy. Why? Because she was getting married.

Though she was always busy in her life and had never thought or found someone with whom she thought she could spend the rest of her life.

But, when she saw a handsome but a very sober boy Sohit, something magical happened. She instantly started liking him.
She liked him very much. She just liked everything about him.Now the time had come and she was getting married to him. She knew in her heart that she would win over everyone whom she meets after marriage.

She was born to spread happiness.

Everything was going great. But something happened which broke her heart.

A silence gripped her. She had so many thoughts coming to her mind.

Yes. Everything was fine with dear Sohit, but, those Bangles. Those precious Bangles.

They were not very expensive, but Neha’s sentiments were so attached to them.

They were so precious for her. Infact, invaluable to her.

They would have been the best wedding gift for her.

The gift she waited for so dearly and so long. The gift she would have valued forever.

There were a million sentiments attached to it.

Since her childhood, she had been seeing all the brides from her father’s family wearing them.

For her, it was the most beautiful accessory for a bride to wear on her most important day.

She was so excited that her wedding day had finally come and that she will finally get the chance to wear them. Her paternal relatives, who should traditionally be bringing it for her, must have bought the most prettiest of all bangles for her.

She has always been happy for everyone.

She waited. And waited. This wait became too long.

Ceremonial rituals were in full swing. There was only one thought that was coming to her mind. Where is my long-awaited and desired beautiful gift?

Finally, after a long wait, her excitement took over her patience and she gathered the courage to herself ask for her gift. “All my dear ones”, she asked, “Where are my Bangles? Please give them to me. I am so excited to wear them and everyone who has come to my marriage would like to see my family tradition.”

An embarrassing silence engulfed among those who were supposed to bring that traditional gift for her. Then, after moments which seemed like hours, a reply came. “We forgot to buy them for you.”

Her heart was broken into a million pieces, just as much as the amount of hope she had. How could they do this to me? Neha thought.

This was something that one could and would wear only once in a lifetime, and that is at the time of one’s wedding. No second chance.

These are our insensitive relationships, she thought to herself. A big silence and a heartbreak. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks and..


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