Google DID NOT hire class 12 Indian student with monthly salary of Rs 12 lakh

Who doesn’t want to work for a reputed firm like Google? But, not everyone gets such a golden opportunity. But, Harshit Sharma, a student of a government school in Chandigarh makes impossible, possible. Google hires a class 12 boy from Chandigarh, named Harshit Sharma. He will be working as a graphic designer for the tech company.

Update: The India Today Tech has learned that the reports of Google hiring a school student and at a salary of Rs 12 lakh per month are false. The report first appeared in a city supplement produced by the Indian Express. In a statement to India Today Tech, Google said: “Currently, we don’t have any information on our records with respect to Harshit Sharma’s candidacy.”

Harshit always wanted to work for Google. It was his dream company and he never imagined to fulfill it so soon, he says. Hard work pays off he adds. Google recruits Harshit as a trainee graphic designer for the time being. He will be working from Google’s headquarter in California.

He just applied for a job posted by the company, and got a reply after a few days. Harshit applied for position for the graphic designer, along with which he submitted few of his work, which also included a poster that he designed. Days after his application, Harshit received an appointment letter from Google in June, which mentioned that he has been hired.

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Google will train him for the first month. During the training the company is said to pay Harshit a sum of Rs 4 lakh per month. However, after the training ends and he becomes a permanent employee, Google will pay him Rs 12 lakh as a monthly remuneration.

Harshit Sharma, a student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 33-B, Chandigarh is overwhelmed and excited for this new venture. He told to Chandigarh Newsline, “Who knew that an average student like me will get a job in Google. I can’t share my happiness how I am feeling, it’s like a dream has come true. My hard work has paid off well.”

He further noted that this a dream come true for him. “I never expected to get selected for Google. Since the age of 10, I used to do graphic design as I was inspired and trained by my uncle Rohit Sharma. Slowly, it became my passion and I always aimed for a job in Google. Whatever I am is because of my uncle and I owe my selection to him as I never joined any professional institute for training.”

Harshit will be leaving for California on August 7.

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