Resort Housing Gujarat MLAs Fined Rs 982 Cr Before They Got There

Eagleton resort in the outskirts of Bengaluru, where 44 congress MLAs from Gujarat are being kept to avoid poaching ahead of Rajya Sabha elections, was issued notice to pay Rs 982 crore by the state government two days before the MLAs were to arrive.

The notice was issued based on a Supreme Court order, which demanded the resort to pay the fine for encroaching on 77 acres of government land. The notice came, however, over a year after the order.

A report in The Indian Express quoted Karnataka Law Minister TB Jayachandra, saying the decision was taken by the cabinet on 27 July.

TB Jayachandra to The Indian ExpressThe state cabinet had decided to ask Eagleton resort to either pay the penalty or surrender the land to the government. The decision was taken on the basis of a Supreme Court. The land has been valued at market rates.

Following a case, the Supreme Court had asked the the resort was asked to pay Rs 982 crore for encroaching on the land. Even though it has been over year since the Supreme Court case, the directions were given to the revenue department to enforce the Supreme Court guidelines, only two days ahead of the Gujarat MLAs coming to the city.

When questioned about the timing of the cabinet decision, a cabinet minister said it was a coincidence, and that just because the MLAs were stationed here, the resort wouldn’t receive any concessions from the government.

DK Shivakumar, Minister for EnergyI was part of this cabinet decision. This is a court order and government has taken a decision to implement the same. We will not be giving [the resort] any concessions. And this place has been chosen because it is a safer place and away from the traffic. Also we are familiar with this area.

Shivakumar has been tasked with taking care of the MLAs.

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