According to Shapiro, through there are many writers, there are few, who dabble in Wisdom literature, not scriptures, but the poetry of life, in the broadest lustiest sense are wisdom writers.

Wisdom literature is a type, which lies between literature and scripture; it rises above myth and poetry, without doctrines of morality or righteousness.

What is moral or immoral? Nobody can answer, not because morals evolve, but because the principle is factitious. Morals are for slaves, followers, for beings without a spirit.

Wisdom writers retreat to the wilderness, disassociate themselves from social life, they are emancipated, full of contradictions, writings are emetic, an aphrodisiac for the unadulterated intellect.

The metaphysical and epistemological problems that arose out of the scientific revolution are particularly difficult and abstract, and the responses of these wisdom writers are among the most formidable structures that philosophy has produced.

They were concerned, as philosophers have always been, to understand the nature of reality in the broadest sense: what kinds of things and facts ultimately constitute everything there is .

They were also concerned with whether we humans have the capacity to discover the answers to those questions, and if not, what limits to our knowledge are imposed by our finite human faculties.
The advances of the scientific revolution gave these problems a new form.
Religion was a major concern of all these thinkers and wisdom writers, viewed it as a source of trouble in their relation to society. The casual unbelief so common among today’s intellectuals would have seemed very foreign to them. Philosophers like Hobbes and Spinoza along with wisdom writers were widely condemned as atheists.

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