Roam in the old age

What happens when you are no longer the cynosure of of people around you,when most of your life and passions are spent. All your friends will disappear, you are alone on the return journey from the holiday of life.
Time the psychological enemy of man is now waiting for you, hangs around heavily like an old friend. You nurse a drink reflect on your signature moments, hoping that time will move faster, it does not, a sense of emptiness and desolation envelopes you, suffocating you and surrounding you.
This is the time to break free of the shackles, use the enemy time as a new found luxury to escape the earlier monotony and the now approaching emotional distress. Find a new passion, addiction or love, indulge in it, lap it up, go in search of adventure.
A certain amount of selfishness and self indulgence is required to live a full life in the last lap of the journey. Don’t let old age scare you, wear/don your Nike and just do it.-Vinay

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