Dance like a Peacock

Humans evolved in small social groups in which image and status were very important, not only for survival; but also for attracting mates, impressing friends and procreation.
The peacock syndrome or tendency to display plumage or cleavage of the impress pea hens or the female / male of the species is a primordial instinct. The neurobiology of even mystical experience arose in part, from the sexual stimuli and response.
Biologically, the best strategy for a man is to be promiscuous, and try to attract as many women as possible to mate and propagate his genes.

Historically women could not afford the luxury of promiscuity, because sex would result in pregnancy of nine months. Women also have a far greater physical, physiological and temporal stake in producing children & hence are selective in their choice of men.
It is this promiscuous mental nature of men that is exploited by advertisers and marketers, selling products which are signals first and material objects at a secondary level. Expensive cars, yachts, mansions are wasteful but signals a blatant display of power and wealth which serve as strong mating signals to attract reproductive rewards –( women)

The billion dollar cosmetic industry also thrives on the women who want to appear, sexier, younger & more fertile.

Sexual selection is only skin deep and focuses on external appearance rather than other intrinsic qualities. So women use cosmetics to fake their fertility like fake orgasms to create their own magic and mystery, a communication strategy designed to trap the best mate.
While societal pressure may not allow a man to be as promiscuous as he wants to be, the need is still felt strongly at a subconscious level. So he accessorizes himself with a flashy Ferrari, Porsche, and SUV, to project the alpha male image in the mating arena.-Vinay-

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