The mind is full of innumerable thoughts.What we consciously think at first becomes a habit later on.It is very difficult to calm the mind, that is to channelise the thought process , which is exactly what we have to achieve for meditation or dhyana .During meditation we have to consciously  direct our thought process in a particular direction thereby preventing our mind from going astray in different directions .
This can be achieved either by bhakti or gyana .For an average householder bhakti marg is the easier one in which we have to direct our thought process towards our beloved deity .This is why recitation of mantra or name of the deity is helpful during meditation .The seven chakras are vital during meditation ,so concentrating on them also helps .Moreover practising pranayama to control the breath is also very helpful for meditation .Moreover a guru who can show us the right path and satsang are extremely important for reahing the higher levels in meditation .

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