I sometimes work with people who’ve been doing one thing for so long, they’ve lost the ability to imagine anything else.

For some, it’s a job. For others, it’s a relationship, family situation, where they live, how they spend their time, habits they’ve developed. It could even be a pattern of thinking.

They’re stuck, and they don’t even know it.

The funny thing is, one can get stuck even in situations that we’ve consciously chosen.

For example, you may have decided four years ago to create your own business; it was a conscious choice, you went through a lot of soul searching and listening to the Universe to get there. Now, for some reason, it doesn’t feel good any more. It feels flat, boring, meaningless.

Or perhaps you entered a relationship years ago: you committed to that relationship, you were certain you’d found true love. Maybe you even got married. And now… it doesn’t feel good any more. You’ve outgrown it, or it’s outgrown you, or… it’s hard to know why it’s not working.

Or maybe you embarked on a course of study; you went back to school to get a degree or certification.

You thought long and hard about your choice, you meditated and prayed and spent a long time considering you decision. And now… it doesn’t feel good. After all that money and time and expense, it doesn’t serve you.
You’re stuck. And you may be terrified to change.

How do we get stuck?

Basically, people get mired in the mud when they stop expanding.

In other words, getting stuck is what happens when we let ourselves get bored, go unchallenged, or stay in stressful or unpleasant situations for too long.

Of course, other possibilities are calling to us all the time!

But when we’re stuck, we miss these sweetly insistent signs from the Universe. Or worse, we actively choose to ignore them.

We see it, we know it’s there… and for a moment, we ponder what it might be like to head in a new direction.

But we’re so stuck…it’s so hard to get out of all that mud.

“Better keep to the safe path,” we mumble to ourselves, feet sinking further into the muck. “Better keep to what’s known.”

The purpose of our journey here on earth isn’t to hunker down and hide in the cave.

Instead, we’re here to expand as fully as we possibly can; to learn and grow and experience life as the brilliant, passionate, interesting, quirky, scary, resplendent, sacred feast it truly is!

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