A Father’s Promise

There lived a Happy Family of a Wife and Husband blessed with a Son and Daughter having a secured livelihood, the Father working in a Government Undertaking Company (the First Ship Building Industry in India) and Mother Occupied in preparing everything that is needed, required and wanted to the Family. The boy is elder to the girl by 5 years 6 months and both are being getting educated in well reputed English medium School studying Sixth and First Standard at their age of 12 years and 6 years respectively.

On one fine playful evening while having a joyful play time with friends of almost of the same age group, as an activity of sharing, the children’s group had a discussion about their Parents hobbies and habits. Each child is actively and proudly sharing the habits of their Parents (especially of Father). This 12 year old boy also with complete confidence, pride and respect towards his Father said that his Father have no bad habits of any kind like Smoking, Boozing and Gambling etc. The boy is at peaks of his Pride among the group.

Suddenly a Quake of a Comment has come from one of the children in the group “Keep quite my dear friend, my father has seen your Father smoking in a get together party of their department colleagues”.
My father and your Father are working in the same department. This unexpected contradicting comment had at once collapsed the boy from peaks of his Pride.The young boy came home with an insulted, intense, introspective, investigative and inquisitive mind. But could not dare to get clarified with his Father (who is given a High place) of what he heard of Him and his Habit. The benefit of doubt over his Fathers smoking case is becoming more mysterious, mindful and unbearable to this to be Teenager boy. Then an idea flashed looking at his Mother (the one and only one mediator/arbitrator between a Son and Father).

The 12 year old son kept his doubt before his Mother (the Supreme Judge of the House) to know the truth, fact and realty in the words of what he heard about his Father’s smoking Case. As usual the Wise Judge of the house adjourned her Judgment by putting one straight question to her Son “Have you ever seen your Father Smoking?” Your answer to this question is my Verdict. The answer of the Son (the witness) is ‘NO’. So the implied opinion of the Mother is “Your Father Never Smokes”. The case is not closed in fact it is opened now behind the scenes of the Son.

After a long and long journey in time with many Ups and Downs in the Lives of these inspiring roles of the family case, the Mother and the Father reached their last milestone in their life i.e. the old age, the Son attained Middle age and the daughter became Mother of two kids.

The Sensitive and Sensible Father fallen sick with severe illness in health and was in last days of his Life. Once called his Son and whispered his last wish i.e. “just want to have a puff of a Cigar”. The Son with no second thought bought a branded cigar to fulfill his ‘Father’s Last Wish’ but it was not Lightened and Burnt yet. Why because the Father want to Enlighten and Enthrall his Son. Here He says:-

My Dear Son, I have a great Wish/Fantasy in my Life “to walk down the stairs of my duplex house with a Smoking pipe in my mouth, wearing a Suit (like how my favorite actor NT Ramarao does in his films) and exhibit my Royalty in Life.”

My Dearest Son, during my life time I have fulfilled my dream of wearing a Safari Suit and walking down the stairs of my house but without a Smoking pipe in my mouth. You know why without a Smoking pipe? When you were entering into your Teens, 25 years ago and the benefit of doubt you expressed before your Mother made to “Promise Myself not to touch/have any smoking elements in my Life time neither in your Presence nor in your Absence. So, throw that Cigar to trash and Let my word of Promise live even after my demise. And see my Son Ever Proud of Himself and his Father of not having any of such bad habits in Life. Later in a few days the Son was forced to Lit his Father’s body at the Funerals.

The Light of this Real incident has to enlighten every Father and Child to make a Strong Determined Promise and Oath to not to habituate any type of intoxicants at any point of time and age. Let our Lives Shine in the Light of such Great Souls and Live and Let Live for Ever.

The father in the Story above is none other than my Ever Great and Grateful Father “Late. Sri. Velamuri Rama Mohana Rao (1941-2010).” He believed in the logic of “A Doer only will have the Right to ask Other’s to Do”.And His Life stood as an Example of both as a Preacher as well as a Practitioner.

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