Gita, it’s due

  • Whether our life is pleasureful or painful, happy or unhappy, going north, succeeding or south (vyavaharically / in the waking state / normal life) failing, depressingly stagnant or explosively active, we wonder, what difference will it make if we are ignorant or well informed of the ‘SELF’ !

    Being knowledgeable we don’t have to look elsewhere. Just recollect what happened to Arjuna. It’s the panacea .

    How that happens is the magic.

    While one is in the process of gaining the knowledge of the ‘SELF’, that process itself has the power to stop the unstoppable – pRArabdham, especially the ones which hurts.

    The logic is simple – when the focus is upon the ‘parama purushARtha’*, ALL things become subservient to it.

    Isn’t this reason alone a very attractive one to give Bhagavad Gita its due in terms of our dedication to own it’s content ?

    * the principle triggers in the worldly life as – ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ (refer – Dr. David J. Schwartz)

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