entire universe

The first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita has so much in store for one to study. Though the chapter is the one which opens up the canvass for the great Master to begin ‘his’ painting most commentators haven’t given much effort to unravel it. One among the reason is that the background referred in that Chapter was that of Arjuna and every other person does have a background of his own which is unique to himself. So there is no point in unnecessarily worrying a person with another’s misery.So it’s fair enough on the part of all serious commentators not to have dwelled much on the Chapter one of the Bhagavad Gita.

But for academic purpose it’s a treasure trove of all things interesting of human nature. It will be interesting to study how every character is posing a different set of challenge. It’s fascinating to see how the same person who was once the apple of the eye turns to be the biggest eyesore. Bhishma’s affection for Pandavas and more on Arjuna doesn’t validate his stand in the enemy front. This swing of opposing duality is the one that struck Arjuna very badly. He got blinded and gasped for breath.

Like every name in that chapter makes up the world of Arjuna, it shall also be the same for any other too but with a difference in name and form! Instead of Ashwatthama, Vikarna,.
.it could be some other names. If one supplies the name with the qualities of entire life background one will also find that the same qualities are still existing without a change except for the change in name and form!In short the entire universe is captured in the first chapter of the Gita. Remaining seventeen chapters are the route the atma can take to attain liberation. Let’s wish each other – bon voyage.

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